Week 9 Activity Architecture & Urban Planning


Drawing the map of the CSULB campus took me awhile.  Not because its so large, but because I kept finishing the map and then remembering where a building was after completing my map, thus causing me to change the map and retaking pictures for quite some time.  Now, my map is finally up to date.  All of the buildings I have drawn have come from my experience from classes at CSULB.  A majority have been from classes but some of the buildings shown are also drawn on because of observations I have made while walking or skateboarding around campus.  I thought this was a fun activity, it really exercised my ability for memory and observations.  Not only that, but I also had to make the map a view from the sky, instead of where my observations took place, on the ground.

For the Adopt a Building, I chose to adopt PH1 and PH2.  I’ve had many classes in the PH buildings.  The PH buildings are mostly where I have gone to do CHEM activity.  I had some great times with those classes.  My activity for CHEM 90 was in PH1, and activity for CHEM 111A was in PH2.  I also had PHIL 100 in the PH 140 lecture room and NSCI 190A in the PH 141 lecture room.

These two are some of the oldest buildings on campus along with the Multimedia building, but I chose to adopt the PH buildings.The buildings and walls are very old.  The chairs in the lecture rooms are very old and rickety.  The desks are very small and are built into the floor.  All of the wood looks like it has been there for ages and not much of the lecture rooms have changed because I have had classes there for all of my freshman year.  By looking at it now as a sophomore, it still looks the same.  Not only that, on really hot days, the building doesn’t get air conditioning.  They have one tiny little fan in each room.  I remember myself and my classmates dying of the heat, struggling to focus and participate in our chemistry activity sessions.  I’ll never forget the day we walked in and saw a portable AC and that made class run so much smoother from then on.

I haven’t had class in there since last year, and on hot days, I have taken short cuts through the PH buildings.  I have noticed that it is much cooler than last semester.  The campus finally realized they needed to change those buildings and put AC in them.  I would never mind the heater issues or noticed them because on cold days, I would always layer up and make sure I am warm.  However, I’m glad that they are starting to change these buildings.  AC is a small change but it is a start.  Thank goodness.


This is my redesign of CSULB campus.  An asterisk * indicates parking for general passes which most students have.  An X indicates where general students can’t pass and this is employees only.  A $$$ indicates parking that must be paid for.  The ??? indicates possible places to have new parking made.  I have created a way to accommodate students who just have General Parking passes and for those who do not having the benefits of a carpool, employee, or motorcycle pass.  I was looking at the way campus parking was designed and it is absolutely ridiculous.  I park at lot 14 everyday and it takes me twenty minutes or more to get to all my classes which are all on upper campus.  The closest parking any student could get is Lot 1 but it is always taken and for people who start past 10 AM are guaranteed to never find a spot there.  Day one of Fall semester, parking is ALWAYS taken after 10 AM.  People are scrambling looking for spots.  Week one there is always no parking AT ALL.  Students are late to their first classes because there is no parking whatsoever, not even in the very back of lot 14.  Week one I always come hours early or follow a student who is done with their morning classes.  Look at how many Xs there are.  A whole lot.  The amount of Xs far outnumbers the amount of lots available to students.  All of the Xs are closer to upper campus, a place that students are not allowed to park at.  The bottom ??? parking is a possibility but I don’t see it happening because it is part of the hospital next door.  That was just a possibility and I only put it there for the sake of convenience.  Now the upper parking with ??? is possible.  I have skated over there and all I see by Hillside dorms is a tiny parking lot, and an enormous field full of nothing but dirt and grass.  Why can’t there be parking there?  The convenience is no better than lot 14, however, it does give more spots open to the 39,000+ students here at CSULB.


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