Week 10 Classmate Interview Jasmine Barnum


This is Jasmine Barnum.  We were in CHEM 111A but we never talked… Not even once haha.  She loves tacos and Mexican food.  She is 19 and her birthday is coming up soon so she isn’t going to be a teen very soon!  Jasmine is a second year at CSULB and her major is health science.  She wants to aspire to become an occupational therapist.  She loves dogs but has none, loves going to the beach, doing outdoors stuff, and hiking.  Jasmine really likes exploring the tide pools in Laguna.  She works at the Creamistry in Cerritos and has recently been promoted to assistant manager!  Pretty awesome to have that position as a 19 year old.  She told me a crazy story of how she went to Malibu creek where there was cliff diving.  She jumped off a cliff over 50 feet and she landed wrong and sprained BOTH of her ankles!  Sounds painful, I once sprained both of my wrists skateboarding but I can’t imagine spraining both of my ankles…  Hopefully we get to have more science classes together so we can get to know each other even more.  She is a very nice person and I wouldn’t mind making a study group with her and other science majors I have met through ART 110.


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