Week 9 Artist Interview Dutzi Gallery

IMG_2082 IMG_2084

This week I interviewed an artist who requested to remain anonymous so I must respect their request and write as much as I can and as thoughtfully as I can without mentioning them.  As I was going through all of the galleries, I thought this artist’s was the most interesting.  This caught my attention the most out of all the galleries.  The artwork consisted of line drawing using fiber.  I thought it was amazing how much effort was put into each piece, especially the one on the upper left.  There were so many lines and strings I was amazed at how much work was put into the piece, and couldn’t believe how much time was put into it.  The upper left piece was huge.  Each line drawing is created with patterns that are taken from a built in environment.  By a “built in environment” the artist means that they are interested and inspired by building structures, and the structures that are created for a foundation of a building before it is complete.  There are green and orange nails on the piece to the left.  Orange nails represent mistakes and the pink strings also represent mistakes.

IMG_2086 I really enjoyed this piece.  I always really like art pieces that consist of a wide variety of color.  To me it really stands out and I think the mix of color is beautiful in artwork.  Not only do I enjoy color variety in art, but anywhere, such as clothes.  It really shows off a value for expression.  I really enjoyed viewing not only this piece, but the other pieces the artist had to offer.  Each one had a different pattern and clearly, much time was put into each one.  The patterns are set from networks like urban structures that have pathways and construct networks across.  Each image is a visual interpretation of the environment.

I thought this artist’s work really stood out.  Not just because it looks great, but because of how much work was put into it.  This artist really put their heart and soul into each piece and they all came out looking amazing.  Not many artists are brave enough to point out their flaws in their work, but this artist put orange nails and pink strings indicating where they went wrong with their pieces.  That really takes guts, because if it were me, I would try to hide my mistakes if I were showing off my work.  Thats also what really makes this artist stand out.


One thought on “Week 9 Artist Interview Dutzi Gallery

  1. Hey Matt. Sorry about the naming issue. Obviously this isn’t an ideal situation. Hopefully it won’t come up again this semester. Your post is, of course, crippled by not naming the artist, but under the circumstances you had no other choice. I’m very sorry about this. Thanks for sorting it out as best as possible. Again, I think / hope we won’t have this sort of issue again this semester.


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