Week 15 Classmate Interview Jay Tilva


This is Jay Tilva.  He is from Cerritos but was born in India.  He came to the U.S. when he was eight years old.  He has mostly lived in Cerritos but has lived in Georgia for a year.  Jay attended Gahr High School and there he played football and basketball.  Pretty athletic!  Unfortunately his junior year, he tore his ACL and was on crutches for four months yikes!  Currently he is a 2nd year at CSULB, he should technically be a 4th year but he took 2 years off of school.  He is a business major, he could not figure out what he wanted to do.  He considered KIN exercise science but it required too much school.  I think business is a great major and would be very helpful even if you don’t know what you want to do in the future.  Jay wanted to join the navy but he couldn’t unfortunately because he tore his ACL.  He did some time in the army reserves back in high school which I thought was awesome how patriotic Jay is.  He works at Wood Ranch and just picked up a job at an Indian place.  He misses a lot of classes because he has a lot of work.  A cool fact about Jay is that he won the Price is Right!!!  He won a trip to Santa Barbara, a trip to Bali, a Mac computer, a Sony sound system, a theater system, and a TV.  Overall, he received over 15,000 dollars!  I think that is RAD!  Jay was super cool when I first met him and was really easy to talk to.  I asked him if he wanted to join my scavenger hunt team.  I know for sure well make a great team!


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