Week 15 Artist Interview Nathan Lewis


I really wish Nathan Lewis were there so I could have personally interviewed him.  I really really enjoyed his art the most out of so many of the art pieces that were displayed.  His work was so detailed and colorful.  I really enjoyed the color scheme he put into each piece.  What mostly caught my attention were the designs he created on the skateboard decks and the amount of detail that was put into each one.  IMG_2514

I thought these looked so amazing.  It looked as though Lewis had spent weeks maybe months on a single deck.  Each one was so detailed and I absolutely loved each and every design each skateboard deck had on it.  I also really liked his pieces because I skateboard.  I would really love to purchase one and be able to use it for my deck.  The only problem is I would ruin the design almost immediately thus destroying such a perfect and amazing artwork.  If I were to purchase one I doubt I would even use it to skateboard.  Each design is just too perfect to use and ruin on a skateboard.  I would use it for decoration for sure.  Lewis’s art is magnificent and I was very fascinated and glad I was able to see it last Thursday.


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