Week 14 Classmate Interview Zhen Su


This is Zhen Su.  Something really interesting and awesome is he was born and is from Qing Dao, China!  He has been in the United States for almost three years.  He likes it a lot.  The reason he came to the U.S. is because at art school in China, they did not offer any English courses where other schools, offering English classes were common.  He took the time to come here and wanted to learn English and experience the American culture.  He is 27 years old and lives in an apartment in Long Beach by the well-known traffic circle.  Zhen likes to play PS3, he has surfed, and likes to watch soccer.  His favorite team is Barcelona.  He really likes Southern California because of the weather, beaches, and the people.  Zhen was given an opportunity to go to New York to study but refused because he doesn’t like the weather there and would prefer staying in Southern California.  He doesn’t like cold places.  I completely agree with him, I would gladly choose to stay here.  He is a sophomore studying English.  Before he could attend CSULB he had to go through ALI, American Language Institute.  After he completed it his current premajor is film.  He has considered many options.  Zhen might want to be a director or go into film production.  He chose film because he has learned art for quite sometime.  He is a dancer, has learned in the arts of theater, drama, and all kinds of arts.  He just wanted to extend his knowledge in art.  He is an only child and wants a brother or sister really bad.  His favorite foods are in n out, steak, and Chinese food.  Zhen is a very cultural and friendly person.  I really enjoyed my time having a conversation with him.  After awhile I had completely forgot we had to complete a conversation because we were so into talking about ourselves.


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