Week 14 Artist Interview (College of the Arts)

This week, the galleries consisted of Yireh Elaine Kwak and many pieces of art from other students.  I had already interviewed Kwak quite sometime ago, so I had looked through the different pieces and will write about the artists who created them.


This piece is by Dennis Simmons.  A little something about Simmons is that he likes to use colors that consist of “low intensities.”  His paintings are usually low lit.  His painting was very detailed and I really liked how the dark and light shades of gray are used for the color scheme of this painting.  The shads of gray is supposed to represent life and how Simmons’ paintings defines its values.


This next painting is by Rachel Gehrke.  Her painting is my favorite one out of the each piece in all galleries.  It was so detailed and I really enjoyed how she used animals that are seen as black and white.  It looks as though the zebras and jellyfish are in space or underwater.  I really like how this painting is up to the viewer to decide where the setting takes place.  Whether it is in outer space or under the ocean, I believe this painting is amazing.


This final artwork is by Frankie Greco.  Something about Greco is that he is an abstract painter and connects his abstract paintings to real life rather than to an abstract concept.  I enjoyed viewing this painting.  I liked looking at all the detail put in and wondered to myself exactly how long would it have taken Greco to paint this.  I really enjoyed it.

This week I viewed each art differently.  This week I decided to look and pick out art work that had a more dark and low light color scheme.  Normally I choose paintings that are bright and full of color variety.  I decided to change things up this week and try and evaluate darker paintings.


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