Week 13 Artist Interview Shihori Nakayama


Here is some amazing artwork done by Shihori Nakayama.  Nakayama attended Cal State Northridge and is at Cal State Long Beach for her MBA.  She uses imagery based in her life and the people special to her are her inspirations along with Manga.  Her artwork is created from ink and pen.

IMG_2371 She draws on one canvas and then she puts each of them together as one large piece itself.  Each piece depends on a variety of times because Nakayama will sometimes get bored.  Her plans for the future is wanting to have her own portfolio along with a side job.  Nakayama is shy and does not like people.  She likes animals, which explains why many of her pieces consist of animals.  They are easier than people and do not talk.  All her current projects in the Dutzi Gallery were created from last semester.  She comes up with ideas from pictures and memories of good times.

IMG_2373 Nakayama loves nature and plants, their shapes and scenery inspires her.  She also loves anime and Manga.  There was so much detail put into each piece of art.  Each painting was absolutely stunning.  I did not realize how much detail could be put into such small pictures within the paintings itself.  I really enjoyed Shihori Nakayama’s gallery.  Each piece looked as though she put her heart into them and they all came out to look incredibly detailed and impressive (I apologize for the 24 minute late post, the servers to wordpress would not allow me to use until around 12:15 AM).


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