Week 12 Classmate Interview Hannah Drake


This here is Hannah Drake.  She is from Long Beach and went to Valley Christian High school.  Hannah is a second year at Long Beach.  Her major is KIN Exercise Science but she will probably change because she might want to become a teacher.  At first with KIN Exercise Science, she wanted to be a Physical Therapist but there is too much competition and it is a lot of work.  Hannah and I were actually in Theater 113 last semester but we barely talked.  We even did a skit together haha.  She is in the Alpha Phi sorority and just rushed in the Fall so she’s kind’ve new to it.  She had many choices for colleges like ASU and NAU but she decided to stay at Long Beach because who would want to leave southern California?  Hannah works at Elison Rd in Seal Beach and has worked there since June.  Hannah’s hobbies are always active.  She likes anything active.  If its one thing, she hates sitting at home watching TV.  She likes to hike, hangout with friends, go to the beach.  Hannah is always out and never sitting at home.  If she were to go to any place in the world she would want to go to Italy.  Her family is from there however, she and her sister have never been.  Hannah is a very nice and kind person.  Hopefully she will figure out what career path she would like to go down soon.  I;m sure she would make a great teacher!


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