Week 12 Artist Interview Piet Eppinga

IMG_2305 IMG_2310

This week’s artist I chose was Piet Eppinga in the Werby Gallery.  As soon as I walked in the work of his art was absolutely fascinating and so detailed.  I could not believe how much work was put into each piece and each piece was very large.  Eppinga uses clay for his creations.  In his youth, Eppinga and his brothers would play with clay and would create figurines to play with.  Eppinga stated he used to glaze his clay artwork but he stopped because he likes the natural looks of clay.

The picture to the top right is called “Christianity Crystallized.”  The middle cross represents Jesus and the two half crosses next to Jesus represent the two men who were crucified beside Jesus.  Eppinga is not pro or anti Christian, but the piece is called “Christianity Crystallized” because he believes Christianity is like honey.  Once it crystalizes, to revive it you must put something into it such as energy or heat.  Eppinga believes Christianity in today’s society needs to be revived but with something else that isn’t heat.

IMG_2308 IMG_2306

The left sculpture is representing the relationship between fathers and sons.  There are three legs to it.  One is the father’s left leg, the other is his right, and the third leg is the son.  The sculpture to the right is called “Songharijaneszzchee Unman.”  Her name is made of different parts of the world.  Her name is part Asian, African, and European.  Her face represents happiness and sadness because half of the face is happy the other is sad.  This piece represents life, because in life there are parts of life that are happy and sad.  The thing on her back represents everything in life that is a pain or a burden.  There is an urn on top of her head that is supposed to represent her family.

Piet Eppinga’s artwork was absolutely incredible.  The amount of work and detail put into his many pieces were very impressive.  While looking throughout each gallery, I believe Eppinga’s was the most astounding and most appealing to me.


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