Week 12 Activity Algorithmic Art

This week’s activity is on Algorithmic, Procedural, Generative Art.  There is an art to things other than paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.  I will be writing and explaining the art to surfing.  I will explain the three steps to paddling, standing up, and catching the wave.


1) First, to learn how to surf, one must know the proper way to paddle and lie on the board.  Lay on the board midline to where the nose of the board is about an inch out of the water.  Some people tend to paddle with their fingers open, which is wrong.  The fingers should be closed to ensure there is more resistance when paddling so you will paddle faster.


2) Next, is standing up on the wave.  With the pop-up technique it is easy to quickly get up and adjust your balance.  Once you paddle into the wave and feel yourself starting to catch it, you must place both hands down as if you were doing a pushup.  Then with much force, push your entire body up and swing your legs forward to stand up.  The process must be quick otherwise you can either lose the wave, ruin the wave, or wipeout.


3) The next step is catching the wave.  Once you have stood up, lean forward on your front foot in order to drop down the wave and catch it.  Once doing so there are a variety of things to do with the wave while catching it.  With more experience, different maneuvers or tricks may be performed.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.11.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.11.56 PM

Those are the steps and basics to the art of surfing!  These are the most important steps to know in order to start surfing and improve your surfing.

Here’s a sample: 


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