Week 11 Classmate Interview Soojin Kim

IMG_2207 Matt Stahl photobombing!

I had a hard time finding a new classmate to have a conversation with this week since I already have with so many people.  I then met Soojin Kim.  She was a very kind person from the start.  She was actually a freshman when I thought she was a sophomore.  Its her first year at Long Beach and so far she doesn’t really like it and would prefer dorming.  She feels alone and I can relate with her 100% because the beginning of my freshman year at CSULB wasn’t what I thought it would be, being a commuter too.  Over spring break Soojin hung out with her friends and went to UC Riverside a lot.  In 2nd grade, she came to America from Korea.  She used to live in Los Angeles but moved to Cerritos in 5th grade.  Her favorite type of music is mostly everything except for rock and country.  Currently she is under business as her major but wants to change it to biology.  She wants to do something in the medical field.  She played water polo and swam in high school, just like me!  She did MUN all four years in high school which is a class that has to do with debate and conference.  My high school offered it but I was never interested in it.  Soojin used to play violin when she was little and then played the flute in middle school.  She doesn’t work but wants to lifeguard at a pool over summer.  A fun fact about Soojin is she can twist her arm around a full 360 degrees!!!  Soojin is very kind and she really likes to go up to LA and tryout exotic or really good foods.  Hopefully shell share some good food joints with me!


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