Week 11 Activity Plastering

IMG_2269 IMG_2270

This week’s activity was a really fun one and it was a beautiful day to go out in the sun and complete it!  My friend Kyle Dinsmore, who I met through ART 110, and I went out to Seal Beach and met up with some other classmates and plastered molds of our hands.  Here’s what mine turned out to look like:


Sadly, every single one of the fingers from the mold broke off.  I was a little impatient and the outside felt hard so I started pulling it out, thus breaking off each finger in the process.  It was a gorgeous day to plaster our hands.  Kyle and I got to toss around the old pigskin for awhile.  It was a fun day and not a single cloud in the sky.  Kyle and I didn’t realize how fast plaster would set so we accidentally waited too long before pouring his in his mold.  It came out in chunks and a hand could not even be recognized.  But hey we all make mistakes and next time, we will be sure to pour in the plaster EARLY and make sure it is COMPLETELY dry.  It was a good time meeting up with classmates and our professor.  He brought some cinnamon iced tea and it was pretty delicious.  I thought it was funny that Kyle and I met on the second week of the semester, and now we always hangout in class, during the art galleries, and even now we both drove out to Seal Beach together and bought our supplies and everything.  I can see a great friendship with Kyle because of this class.  Plastering is much easier than I thought it would be.  Saturday was a great day to be out and about in the beautiful sun and beach Southern California has to offer.


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