Week 10 Artist Interview Dawn Ertl

Last week I got to meet and talk to Dawn Ertl.  Her show was called the Radius of Action, and her art was amazing and took much time to create and set up.  I cannot describe how impressed I was when I walked into the Gatov East gallery and looked at how her art was well tied together and mixed with each other.  Ertl’s style of art is weaving.  Each piece of art is created from plastic bags, water bottles, wool, and other recyclables.  I got a warning in class before the art show to leave my backpack by the door before entering.  Once I walked in, I saw Ertl’s reasoning for the rule.  IMG_2131

Ertl has been involved with environment issues for quite some time.  Her artwork is created from recyclables.  I was astounded by how many recyclables she collected, and to have them made into such an incredible work of art was just amazing.  I could not imagine how long it took.  I really liked the message Ertl put out, with how we are polluting the world and negatively affecting the environment with plastic and how these recyclables end up in the ocean.  There is nothing I hate more when I’m surfing is when I see trash all over the beach or in the water.  She sends out a great message, and I really wish the people living on the coasts would see and value Ertl’s connection towards the environment and start recycling and polluting the environment less than now.  You can learn more about Dawn Ertl at dawnertl.tumblr.com

IMG_2132 IMG_2133


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