Week 8 Classmate Interview Dorothy McMohan


This is Dorothy McMahon.  Just like in the Wizard of Oz!  She is a sophomore just like me except she is 20 and I’m 19.  She is a film major and in Fall 2015 she’s going to Germany to study abroad!  I think thats awesome!  She said that Germany has a great film program so I wouldn’t doubt that she won’t succeed in film!  Dorothy played tennis in high school and was the captain of the variety team!  She stopped playing after high school, but since then she plays ever so often with her friends for fun.  She has three dogs, their names are Sam, Nike, and Tofu.  I think that’s awesome because I would really love to have a dog, and she has 3!  Dorothy is an animal lover and has been a vegan since she was born.  Her dad used to be a marathon runner and triathlete.  She has one older brother who is two years older than her.  Dorothy followed in her brother’s footsteps by also joining tennis.  Her hobbies are tennis, yoga, and playing guitar.  Dorothy is a film major because she watched Lord of the Rings and was really interested in the prosthetics and outfits.  The orcs are what interested her most because of how much work was put into their outfits.  She wishes to be a production designer and work with outfits, makeup, etc.  I think its awesome that Dorothy is being a film major and is pursuing the career of a production designer.  I really hope she will succeed in that field.  One day I hope to watch a movie with a lot of computer graphics to find her name in the credits!


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