Week 8 Artist Interview Kezia Fullerton


IMG_2032 IMG_2034 IMG_2039

This is Kezia Fullerton.  Her way of art is using 3D media fiber arts and weaving them together.  At first she tried illustration with sketching and paints, then transitioned over to photography but was never really interested in them.  Her mother was a Home Ec. Major and helped her weave and put together yarn when Kezia was younger.  Kezia started using fiber when she was 20, and currently she is 23.  Putting fibers together is VERY time consuming.  Her pieces take hours upon hours.  It takes me just a simple hour to sew my pants pocket together and tie off.  Speaking of tying off, I told her how I know how to sew and tying off is the part I hate the most.  In fiber arts, she said she agrees because if you don’t tie off correctly, the entire piece will start unwinding and fall apart, making hours of work go to waste.  People have called her a master weaver but she doesn’t believe she is one yet.  I think her pieces are amazing and hope she’ll reach her goal of becoming a master weaver.  She is out of school and wants to start selling her pieces.  She dyes her fibers with wine, beer, and wood chips.  Weird right?  I think its cool and interesting how the color comes out to be.  As of now, her current piece is a scarf.  Each of her artworks are inspired by a friend or family member.  Kezia claims that each piece is supposed to be a portrait of her inspiration.  My favorite one is the really colorful piece.  I really like the color scheme and love how it brightens the room.  Random and bright color schemes are my favorite.  I really took the time into appreciating her artwork because it’s very impressive how much work was put into it.  Just looking at each piece, I could tell she spent hours and hours and hours on them.  It’s crazy how well put together each one is.  I think her expression of art is amazing.


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