Week 7 Artist Interview Jesse

IMG_1981 IMG_1982

I did not get the chance to get Jesse’s last name sadly, but he was from the Photography club.  I might be marked down but once I find out, I will edit my post.  These two pieces were my favorite out of all of the galleries.  I really enjoyed being in the gallery by Juliette Angulo with the servicemen cutouts, but these two by Jesse stood out.  According to Jesse, his pieces of work were created by working with and messing around with his landscape.  His influence comes from perception.  He likes to create different realities and simulations of them.  His piece on the left shows a rock on a mirror on a rocky and sandy landscape.  However, when looking through the mirror, it is supposed to send a message to the viewer that the dirt and sand are not the only landscape being put to use.  The sky is also present and the bottom of the rock is visible because of the mirror.  On one side of the photo it is just a pebble on rocks, another it is a pebble floating in the clear blue sky.  The second photo I really enjoyed as well.  When viewing it, you focus just on the red rocks and astroturf laid out because it is the brightest and stands out the most.  But with a closer look, one can view the beautiful background behind the main part of the photo.  There is a sunset, you can see the horizon and the rest of the mountains in the back.  I liked Jesse’s method of creating “hyper-realities” and his sense of photography really had me hooked into his work.


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