Week 7 Activity Landscapes with a Corpse

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 11.20.26 PM

This was a fun and easy way to imagine my death.  It was during a surf session I had with my two best friends.  That day I had my GoPro mouth mount and was thinking hey, I can do my art activity here and also this is definitely the place I would want to do it!  I love the ocean and I love to surf.  I just tossed my camera to my friend and said hey take a video of me floating facedown as if the board came up and hit me in the head knocking me unconscious.  Both of my friends just laughed and thought I was being ridiculous but the one I tossed my camera to agreed and took the video anyways.  It was a fun experience and it was around seven o’clock in the morning so we also had an awesome sunrise coming out.  We also took a picture with the sunrise in the back but it had a really bad glare and the picture didn’t show me it just had a silhouette of me with the sun taking a majority of the shot.  So we just took the picture facing the other direction.  I really like how in the picture you can see the coastline, palm trees, and houses in the background.  I like how its not just a picture of my body floating, but also a picture of my body, along with a view of the beautiful California coast.  I think it qualifies for this week’s activity title “Landscape with a Corpse.”


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