Week 6 Classmate Interview Taneshia Warren


This is Taneshia Warren.  She is a second year at CSULB, a business marketing major, and wants a career that has to do with management in the future but she is still unsure.  Taneshia and I had critical thinking together last semester but we never spoke a word to each other.  She received an A and I got a B+ 😦 but it makes sense since our professor would always call on her and ask her to participate.  She lives in the Long Beach dorms but is moving to an apartment.  She lives 5 minutes away from Six Flags Magic Mountain.  She has a gold pass and I think thats pretty awesome, the last time I went to Six Flags was back in 2011.  She works at the Disney Store in Valencia and finds it fun but wants to get a new job.  They make her really really get into the Disney spirit when you work there and use Disney or magical terminology when talking to other customers.  She was born in New York and moved to California when she was just five.  She likes California better but would like to move back to New York because it had a better atmosphere.  She has one younger brother and one older brother.  Her hobbies are going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and going on random spontaneous trips.  She is a very kind individual and very easy to talk to.


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