Week 6 Artist Interview Christine Fuqua

For the artist interview, I always do artists that paint because I am familiar with it.  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and talk to an artist who didn’t paint.  Christine Fuqua is a master worker with the arts of wood.  Christine Fuqua has been to 3 different colleges!  She has attended CSUF, El Camino College, and now she is at CSULB.  She doesn’t consider herself a designer, but more of a builder.  She has a blog and also took ART 110.  It is her last semester here at CSULB and when she is done she is moving to Portland, Oregon to work for a guy named Pete Nelson.  Her house is right outside of Portland.  She wants to have her own wood shop after she graduates so she can create and sell her woodwork to people.  She used to work on just photography as an art but she switched to wood.  She really likes making wooden spoons.  Each spoon generally takes her about 5 hours to make. 5 hours!!

IMG_1961 IMG_1960

I really liked the work she did with these two, especially the wooden table.  I think its amazing how the pattern she made is so small and interesting yet it can support a table.  I’m sure it took a lot of time to create and if in the future I were able to see her table or something similar to it, I would definitely want it inside my home.  Her craftsmanship is amazing.  It is mind blowing.  I took wood shop when I was in middle school but the things I created are no where near as awesome as the things that Christine crafted.  Mine was just a simple piggy bank and mini bench.  What she makes is incredible and I am in disbelief at how one can make such interesting shapes with wood.


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