Week 6 Activity Yarn Bombing

152258 152631

Okay before you say anything about how its not yarn bombing please give me a chance 🙂  So my best friends and I love to surf with each other.  One of them is a really muscular guy.  The other day we went surfing and out in the water I noticed he had a huge tear on his suit.  It’s a bummer too because I bought him that suit not even six months ago and also now that we know his future suits will rip, he will have to get a customized wetsuit which will cost him more than a normal sized one.  I told him I could fix it for him and so I did.  I know this doesn’t seem like yarn bombing but to me it does.  Its just using simple floss and neoprene cement.  I consider it yarn bombing because its something visual.  Now the suit is fixed and also it shows myself, friends, and other fellow surfers of what I have done for my friend as a favor and also to make it look better than just a big gaping hole in a wetsuit.  I guess some people wouldn’t consider it an art but I do.  I have done the very same thing to my old wetsuit that had a tear on the neck except instead of white floss I used green floss.  In the future I hope to sew up and fix different suits for myself and other people and switch up the colors and use a variety of flosses so people can think of it as an art rather than a generic, do-it-yourself fix on a wetsuit.


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