Week 5 Activity Arts Funding

For week 5 activity I choose the categories of games and photography.  First I would like to start with games.


This product “Izzy’s Revenge” did not really interest me.  So far it has 88 backers, has raised over $6000, but has only has 11% of its funds raised.  It looks like a very generic game and looked very simple.  Yes a lot of work must have been put into it, but looking at the gameplay footage, it did not look too great and also there are many other video games that are very similar but look more appealing and more fun. This kickstarter page does not have my vote.


This game is called “Stairs.”  It really caught my eye and I stayed interested the whole video.  It is a a horror game designed for the player to figure out a story of the disappearances of 3 people using different cameras inspecting in an abandoned factory.  The stairs lead to different horrors.  This group has 21% funded and has 208 backers.  These people really put a lot of hard work into it and the game is based off of real life events.  Watching the gameplay gave me chills because I had no idea if there was a scary pop up or not.  This game looks really awesome and I hope that they’ll be able to finish making it.

The next category I chose was photography.


This is a project that is to express what ex-miltary service men and women were in the past, and how they live their lives in the present.  I think it’s great what Devin Mitchell (the lead photographer) is trying to do.  Its great that he is putting a message out to society to open their eyes on the issues put upon veterans who come home who have seen horrific things.  Many deaths occur not only on the frontlines, but also back at home where veterans are traumatized by war.  It tells their story.


Honestly, this photography project didn’t really interest me.  The pictures taken were really beautiful and it is great that this group of 11 photographers are able to capture it through the lens of a camera.  However, I can simply just google pictures of Ontario or even go there myself to truly experience what the beauty of Ontario’s city and nature is like.  I would not give this group money when I can simply save up and go and see it for myself.


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