Week 5 Classmate Interview Sophie Guthrie


Sophie Guthrie is from Pismo Beach near San Luis Obispo.  It is her first year at Cal State Long Beach and dorms at Beachside.  She thinks the rules there are ridiculous like how early quiet hours are or how early she is required to be back inside her dorm.  So far she likes Long Beach.  It’s the first big city she has ever lived in.  She is currently majoring in anthropology.  Like me, she surfs also but mostly back at Pismo Beach.  Also like me, she learned when she was a junior in high school.  What’s also strange was we both were also competitive swimmers in high school.  She was a sprinter and mostly did freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly. I was somewhat the same, the only thing different was I only did freestyle and breaststroke.  She has a brother who is a paramedic and that is something I am trying to achieve by the time I graduate from Long Beach.  She had a very friendly face when I walked up and started our conversation.  Hopefully one day we could go out and surf and show off each others’ skills.


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