Week 5 Artist Interview Dianna Franco

IMG_1909 IMG_1910

In the Gatov West gallery I got to meet the wonderful artist Dianna.  Dianna Franco had a very interesting art gallery.  I really enjoyed viewing the shapes and color schemes she had.  According to Dianna, each of her paintings has a several day process.  All her artwork in the gallery had been painted last summer.  She uses acrylic, oil-based, and spray paints to complete her masterpieces.  She really likes nature and is inspired by it and inspired how nature affects us.  She stated that everyday, her paintings always have possibilities of being altered or improved.  She is also inspired by abandoned houses that has nature growing in and over it.  Dianna is completing her final semester at Cal State Long Beach.  Art is what Dianna loves and wants.  She took astronomy and psychology classes and they got her to think and those classes sparked her interest in her art.  Most of her art represents psychology and the brain.  Her art consists of many bright standout colors.  Dianna mentioned she uses bright colors because her paintings tend to represent her being happy.  The brightness and the colors are the main thing that really grabbed my attention.  I really enjoyed viewing Dianna’s gallery and getting to know about her more.


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