Week 4 Classmate Interview Beatriz Adanza


This is Beatriz Adanza.  She’s also from Huntington Beach just like I am and she lives about five minutes away from me.  What’s crazy is she also went to the same high school as me!  She is a freshman so just one year younger than me.  Currently she is pledging for a sorority and there are a lot of things she has to do for weird reasons but she can’t tell me since I am not apart of her sorority or their brother fraternity.  Beatriz is majoring in Kinesiology Exercise Science and wants to become a Physical Therapist with it.  She works at Frostbites in Costa Mesa and as her job she makes and serves crepes and ice cream.  Her favorite type of music is hip hop but she likes all music except for country.  We also found out we’re in the same Political Science class too!  It’s such small world.  As for hobbies, she likes going to music festivals, work out at the gym, likes to be lazy, watches television, and likes to hang out with her homies.  Her favorite type of food is pizza.  She too has nice sunglasses she likes to show off.  It’s crazy how we met through this class and found out we are in the same classes besides art and live in the same city and practically are neighbors.  I hope to switch sunglasses with her one day..


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