Week 4 Artist Interview Rachel Gehrke: Odyssey

IMG_1866  IMG_1869IMG_1867

Rachel Gehrke’s themes are the ocean and the universe, hence why her gallery is called Odyssey.  She has always been interested in deep space and the depths of the ocean.  Rachel was a swimmer, and is a scuba diver.  She likes to explore and play around in the tide pools you can find in Laguna.  Most of the inspiration she finds for her paintings comes from the tide pools she explores.  She likes to go into the water with mysterious people.  She really likes the mysteries of space and the ocean.  They both are so large and a huge amount of both have not been yet explored by humans or even seen by any camera.  Rachel is big on color and omate designs.  She starts off layering different colors and from there she starts painting the ideas she has inspired from the tide pools and ocean.  I really loved her paintings because I have always loved the ocean and space.  I absolutely love free diving the kelp forests and rock reefs of Laguna.  It is always so amazing and I love the wonderful things mother nature has to see.  There are so many places I have not yet seen in the ocean.  My father is an aerospace engineer.  When I was younger I always loved looking at the stars and the constellations.  I remember my dad showed me exactly where Venus could be seen from the human eye.  It just looked like a bright green star.  When I was younger my father always brought me home books and posters of rocket ships, astronauts, and anything space related.  Rachel’s gallery really intrigued me because of how much I could relate to it.  I too love the ocean and I too love the deep unexplored areas of space.  I hope to explore more and see more surprises like more fish or natural reefs made by mother nature.


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