Week 3 Activity Instagram


This Instagram project was really fun.  It was really cool and great to see how many people express themselves by showing what they do in their spare time or how their normal or usual day goes.  It was great to give myself variety and be able to see how different other peoples’ lives can be from mine.  I saw some friends’ posts that I have never seen before and had no idea what their lives were like.  It was funny to see how many selfies were posted in the hashtag but this is 2015, I had better start getting used to it.  I think I might keep this Instagram, its fun to follow the life of my friends and peers and observe how I can put more variety into my life.  Also, Instagram is nice.  Its an easy and fun way to express myself and now people and my friends are able to see whatever I post.  I’m glad we got to do this activity because I also looked at other peoples’ week 3 activity and it helps others observe how social media is mainly used or how others can take advantage of it.


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