Week 3 Classmate Interview Jasmin Brito


On Thursday I walked up to the courtyard and was approached by a friendly smile from Jasmin Brito.  After we formally introduced each other I asked her if her friends ever called her the nickname “burrito” and sure enough I was correct.  Jasmin is from Anaheim and lives right by Disneyland.  I asked if she has a pass but she said she has a lot of friends who work there who get her in for free every once in awhile.  She was a computer engineering major but switched to sociology and human social work because computer engineering was very difficult and involved a lot of math.  Currently she is engaged and her wedding is in August!  She met her boyfriend in high school and is going to marry her high school sweet heart very soon so congrats to Jasmin!  For a job, Jasmin works as a barista at Starbucks and has been one for almost two years, but because of biology and stats classes, she had to cut down her hours to a part time barista instead of full time.  In high school she used to play soccer and was offered scholarships from around the country but denied them because she wanted to stay in California.  I agree with her decision, I would hate to leave Southern California.  Jasmin is a very kind individual and I am glad to have met her during the session of our class.


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