Week 2 Painting


Little did I realize I was supposed to take a picture of the sketch underneath the paint until it was too late.  I had 3 different colors to choose.  I had red, white, and black.  I would’ve liked red and white better because combined they would be brighter.  Also, I prefer brighter colors over dark.  However, I shared these colors with a friend and unfortunately, there was no white leftover in the spray paint can.  So I went with black and red.  I would’ve really enjoyed venturing out to Venice Beach to leave my name on the wall but I was too busy with homework and training for the Surf City Marathon which I completed Sunday Feb 1, 2015.  A full 26.2 miles!  Anyways, the red with black looks a bit satanic but I already chipped in with my friend and unfortunately had to deal with the rest of the resources that were leftover.  I put my name on an old cardboard box I found in my garage.  I thought this was a fun experience and I hope that the next activities will be more fun.


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