Week 2 Classmate Interview Kyle Dinsmore


I was almost late to class but the movie about graffiti had already started.  I took a random seat on the end of the aisle and asked a random guy if anyone was sitting next to him.  After the movie stopped, I decided to break the ice and introduce myself to him.  His name was Kyle.  Kyle and I met while we were sitting in the classroom and decided to talk because he saved my attendance grade for that day and provided an index card for me.  I told him I owe him a card for the next class session.  We found out a lot about each other.  Kyle is from Orange and I am from Huntington Beach.  Kyle doesn’t skateboard but wants to learn but isn’t confident with his balancing skills.  Same goes for a desire for surfing and snowboarding.  Kyle and I both used to sketch when we were younger and we both had the exact same similarities to the situation of losing our interest in sketching and art.  We both would draw cartoons such as Spongebob and other Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network characters when we were younger and we both started sketching in elementary school.  We both would go out and buy “How-to” books on certain cartoon characters and TV shows.  As we began to grow older, we got more and more experienced until it got to a certain point.  Kyle lost his interest in art around middle school and I lost interest my first year of high school.  We lost our interest in art because of the lack of creativity.  He would sit down at the drawing table, stare blankly at a piece of paper, and not be able to think of something to draw.  The same exact thing happened to me.  It was strange how we both started and ended our hobby the same exact ways.  I found out he is currently a business major and wants to do exciting things with it and get out in the world instead of being stuck with a boring job in the office doing paperwork.  I am a nutrition major however I want to be a firefighter paramedic.  I too have the interest of Kyle’s of not being stuck in an office.  We both desire a career that is exciting and fun.  Kyle is a very easy going and nice guy and seems very easy to work with.  Kyle and I have many similarities and I hope to be friends with him for a long time.


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