Week 2 Artist Interview Gianina Nunez

Located in the Merlino Gallery, Gianina Nunez had many paintings that represented a point in her life and each one had a letter.  Gianina Nunez grew up in Pasadena.  She started her hobby in art when she was nine years old.  She started with just using colored pencils and as she grew older she began to use oil based paints.  Currently she is twenty-three years old and is a senior at CSULB.  Her process is to first take multiple pictures of whatever she is going to paint.  She then picks one that has the perfect angle she desires.  Next she sketches out the picture with pencil and uses great detail.  Finally, she paints it using oil-based paints.  Nunez claims that her paintings generally take two to three weeks to complete, but only if she is completely focused and constantly works on her art projects.

IMG_1765 IMG_1771

“Daddy’s Girl”                                        “First Encounter”

“Daddy’s Girl” really spoke out to me.  It expresses that a father’s love for his child has no limit.  A father is always there for their child and is always there to support them.  There is hardship in life.  Whether it is a loss of a loved one, being bullied, making life changing decisions, a father will always be there to support and help his child get through whatever they are going through.  In the painting Nunez created, it seems as though a father is trying to help his child cope with loneliness and being bullied.  “I never want you to feel alone” and “You know they’re just jealous” clearly state that he wants to help his child deal with something that most children face today.  The painting could also mean the child is different from other children.  “Never be afraid to express what you are feeling to me” could give signs that his child is afraid of who they are or they are afraid of being different from what society demands.

I thought “First Encounter” was a very sentimental painting.  Gianna Nunez stated that it was a painting of a note her boyfriend gave to her.  She met him in a church and during the service, he handed her a note which is how they first met and came to be.  It was very sweet that she dedicated the painting to her significant other, and not to mention she was able to show it off to many people who viewed it during the art show.  It showed that art truly is an expression.  Nunez was expressing her love for her boyfriend and how much that note meant to her by making a painting out of it.  I wouldn’t doubt that she still has the note.  I think it’s great that she put so much work into this painting.  It is very basic however, it looked like it took much work and effort to create a realistic lined-paper and writing with paint.


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